`` Cheap Mini Laptops

Cheap Mini Laptops

Mini laptops usually have screens of 10 inches or less, runs Windows or Linux and generally sell for well under $500. As its name indicates, the mini laptop's main purpose is to keep its owner conveniently connected to the net - anywhere, anytime.

COMPAQ MINI 110 Laptop SATA 160GB RAM 2GB Intel Atom N270 w/HT 32 bit ,OS None

Price: $50.00

HP 2133 Mini Netbook Laptop Computer Blue Tooth WiFi Windows XP Pro Customized

Price: $59.95


Price: $61.00

2015 2.4Ghz Mini portable Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse For PC Laptop Black U8

Price: $5.50

DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blu

Price: $11.99

2.4Ghz Mini portable Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse For PC Laptop Black

Price: $5.50

ASUS Eee PC 901 1.6GHz 8.9" Mini Notebook Laptop w/ Windows XP Home Ed. - AS IS

Price: $19.99

New HP MINI 110 US Laptop Keyboard 533549-001 NSK-HB201 535689-001 533550-001

Price: $11.28

12.1" Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Mini Laptop Core 2 Duo 2.40Ghz 4GB RAM WiFi #F51

Price: $26.00

Asustek started it all with the Eee PC that was launched fall of 2007. It was a big hit so many of the major brands also made their own mini laptop line. The mini laptop sales is growing so fast and it is expected to reach 139 million units in 2013.

Portability is the key for the success of the mini laptop. People would always want a device that they can easily bring along all day so they can have Internet access anywhere. Many of us would always want to keep in touch with love ones and the Internet has become a primary medium for this, and in return it makes mini laptops popular.

The next question you have to ask: why do mini laptops make for great student laptops? If the above reasons aren't enough, try the following:

Size - Students would have to carry along their school stuff, books, notebooks and many others, additional weight is a big deal for them. Having a very handy mini laptop along with the other school stuff will not be a burden at all.

Portability- mini laptops are not only small, light and compact; they are also portable - a perfect mobile device for people who are always on the go, like students who cannot afford to be out of connection with their family and friends.

Sturdiness - Almost all mini laptops are designed to be tough. As we all know students are mostly careless when it comes to their school stuff. Having a mini laptop would be perfect since it can withstand more pressure than those regular laptops.

Battery Life - Because of their small size, you will usually get better battery life than with a regular sized laptop. This is important to the student since you may have to go all day without a chance to re-charge the battery. Long lasting battery life makes the mini laptop the perfect student laptop.

Performance - Although small, these mini-laptops still sport some very impressive specs. Many now come with at least 1 Gig of RAM and Intel Atom processors. There are even some with Solid State Hard Drives which make them more durable and less likely to be damaged. Most use Windows XP - newer models debuting this year with the Nvidia's Ion platform may have Vista or Windows 7, but still don't expect the kind of performance you would get from a regular laptop.

Storage (Disk Space) - While storage on mini laptops is constantly increasing, it is still nowhere near the kind of storage you will find on a regular sized laptop. Usually, most devices have around 30 or 60 Gig hard drives which should be adequate for most student's needs. Many newer mini laptops have 160 Gigs of storage.

Price - One of the many reasons why cheap mini laptops are great for students is because the price is very affordable. Most students do have limited budget and a laptop that has a price of $300-$500 makes a great deal for them.

As you can plainly see, the mini laptop does have many features to make it a perfect student laptop: small size, very portable, excellent connections, very sturdy, long battery life, good performance, adequate storage and most of all, a very affordable price almost any student can take advantage of. Overall, mini laptops are well suited for the classroom and the student.